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MULLER Technology Group is strengthening its Mold Making Activities

Thomas Federer, Group CEO


MULLER Technology Group is concentrating all mold manufacturing activities in the Conthey, Switzerland facility as a final step of its internationalization strategy. Headquartered in Switzerland, MULLER is known worldwide as the premier provider of molds and robots for thinwall packaging and In-Mold Labelling applications. Recent, substantial strategic investments in Conthey will allow MULLER to provide most cost-effective solutions to the market.

Sales, engineering, project management and aftermarket support to our North American mold customers will be streamlined in our Colorado facility. MULLER Technology Colorado will continue to operate as before, in producing leading edge automation for the market. The integration of mold and automation teams at one site is intending to serve even better the customer needs for fully integrated mold and robotics solutions.

Our entire team is looking forward to continuing to collaborate with our industry on projects that grow our market and offer the consumers sustainable highly efficient packaging solutions. MULLER supports companies from the food, non-food and medical technology sectors in the development of new products for packaging. Solutions provided by MULLER range from the design and development of innovative packaging products to the manufacture of high-volume production systems while guiding customer companies along the entire supply chain.


MULLER Operations Info Letter (PDF)