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CBW Automation is joining the Mold & Robotics Group

Fort Collins, CO, USA / Conthey, Switzerland, November 29, 2017. CBW Automation based in Fort Collins, USA, announced today that its shareholders have reached an agreement to sell the company to Mold & Robotics Group, to which the Swiss company Müller belongs. This merger creates the first globally active industry leader in tooling and automation with an established presence in America and in Europe.

As the market for thin-walled packaging for food and non-food products continues to expand, demand for superior product design, tooling and automation has also risen. In addition, supply chains have become substantially more global, a process that at the same time has been accompanied by consolidation of this market’s various suppliers. This explains the fact that many consumer goods and packaging producers are now internationally active. In this environment, robotics and injection mold manufacturers can also exploit the new opportunities generated when they pursue strategies to spread their operations across multiple continents. Cooperating closely with customers on-site speeds up processes and helps meet expectations for product development even better. Moreover, flexible service rendered by specialists on-site ensures productivity.

“As a leading US company of robots and automation solutions we are proud what our team has accomplished over the past decades. By joining Mold & Robotics Group we will be part of a strong international group to reinforce our technological leadership. I see Mold & Robotics Group as the right organisation to successfully ensure the future of CBW Automation in the long-term. At the same time it will help us to deliver more value to our customers.” said Dave Carson, President of CBW Automation.

Udo Gröber, CEO of Müller and Mold & Robotics Group, said: “With CBW Automation coming together with Müller under the umbrella of Mold & Robotics Group customers will benefit from improved responsiveness delivered by our full presence in America and Europe. It is an ideal complement to Müller and will help us to improve and shorten the development processes, stay closer to our customer’s plants to better serve them. We are excited about CBW Automation joining the Mold & Robotics Group and look forward to the benefits and synergies this merger will bring.”

CBW Automation was founded in 1970 and developed the first automated system to handle Cool Whip lids from the molding machines. Since then the company has grown into a leading US manufacturer of robots and automation solutions with a focus on injection molding and thermoforming applications in the packaging and medical markets.

Müller was founded in 1959 and is a pioneer and leading company in the field of packaging design, mold and automation solutions for injection molded thin wall packaging with special know-how in in-mold-labeling. It is the platform company of the recently founded Mold & Robotics Group. Add-on acquisitions will build the company into a leading and technologically pioneering industrial group in tooling and automation operating worldwide.