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Carsten Eisenkrämer joins Muller Technology Group as new CEO

As of 24.07.2023, Carsten Eisenkrämer taking over the lead of Muller Technology Group from Joost Berting.

Carsten Eisenkrämer

Carsten Eisenkrämer is an internationally experienced leader with over 25 years of experience in global and multicultural projects and B2B industries, with specific expertise in the packaging and associated automation industry, particularly in the areas of food and pharma packaging.

He translates strategy into action with sales, marketing, engineering and operations, leads transparently via KPIs, acts in a decisive and objective manner and puts a strong drive to make a difference and create impact, coupled with an entrepreneurial mindset.

His experience combined with his high cultural awareness after having worked multiple years in various regions in Western and Eastern Europe, Asia, Latin America, the USA, New Zealand and the Middle East, will lead Muller Technology on a global growth path to serve its customers in best possible way and venture beyond our core food packaging market towards a global productivity partner for all automation requirements.