Mission, Vision, Values

Our vision is to serve as the preeminent global supplier of equipment and solutions for thin-wall packaging.
• Since 1952, we have delivered expertise in all aspects of plastic thin-wall projects.
• We configure leading-edge robots and molds for customers across the globe.
• We focus on complex and intricate details to eliminate potential hazards and to ensure a successful project which is on-time and highly efficient for years into the future.

Our mission is to maximize value and ensure the success of thin-wall packaging projects.
• Highly trained experts collaborate from international locations and examine all aspects of a project.
• We focus on part development and label design, molding machine recommendation and mold and/or automation solutions.
• MULLER ensures highly functional solutions that are easy to use and highly efficient.
• Our strong project management skills, from the pilot phase to turnkey solutions, allow the customer to focus solely on manufacturing.

• Highly qualified employees’ ideas, skills, motivation, and work ethic.
• Total commitment to customer success.
• Almost seventy years of experience.
• A promise to develop the optimal solution.
• A pledge to maximize the life value of the project.

• Strong passion and creativity to craft solutions for our customers.
• Tireless search for the latest technology.
• Continuous training of our best-in-class workforce on leading-edge technology to drive innovation.

• Unwavering commitment to high-quality engineered solutions, products, and support.
• Focus on detailed work at a project’s outset to highlight early red-flags that can be resolved.

• A pledge to deliver on our promises.
• Equipment solutions are thoroughly tested and qualified before shipment.
• As a partner, we provide unrivalled support during the entire life of our equipment.

• A laser focus on low carbon footprint and lightweight packaging.
• Strong emphasis on reusable and recyclable packaging.
• Use energy-optimized equipment.
• Strong attention to highly sustainable operations and facilities.